Lucid Dream Planner

The following sleep and wake times are designed to give you 4 ½ hours of restorative sleep time, and provides for two potential lucid dream periods. The final wake up time is designed to help you wake up with the natural first light of the day. The sunrise time is for {{city}}.

Try to fall asleep by: {{sleeptime}}

Wake up record any dreams you’ve had and set your intention to be lucid during dreaming and then go back to sleep: {{firstperiod}}

Wake up again, and record any dreams as before and again set your intention for lucidity in dreaming and go back to sleep: {{secondperiod}}

Wake up for the day with the sunrise around: {{sunrise}}

For more Information about Lucid Dreaming check out Charlie Morley’s book Dreams of Awakening: Lucid Dreaming And Mindfulness Of Dream And Sleep or Robert Waggoner’s books Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self or Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple: Tips and Techniques for Insight, Creativity, and Personal Growth .

Created by The Sensible Owl

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